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INCAA produces a memorandum, a biannual newsletter, conference proceedings, commemorative volumes, etc. Publications of INCAA can be obtained personally against cash or registered post at the buyer's cost.


The Memorandum of the Association of INCAA is available free of charge on request.

INCAA Newsletter

The INCAA newsletter appears two times every year. It is circulated among INCAA members free of charge. From 2008 onwards, the INCAA newsletter will appear in the webpage under "Bulletins."

List of INCAA publications

1. Anthropology in North-East India: A Reader (2004). Ed. by Arabinda Basu, Biman K. Das Gupta, and Jayanta Sarkar. Rs. 300.00 $.30.00; ISBN-81-85525-04-9

2. Social Unrest (2006). Ed. by Ajit K. Danda, Satyabrata Chakrabarti, and Arabinda Basu. Rs. 600.00 $.50; ISBN-81-903866-1-1

3. Ageing Issues : Problems and Perspective (2006). Ed. by Prafulla Chakrabarti and Dipali G. Danda. Rs. 200.00 $.15.00

4. Anthropology of Management (2007). Ed. by Rajatkanti Das and Ajit K. Danda. Rs. 400.00 $.25; ISBN-81-903866-3-8

5. Some Dimensions of Human Biological Diversity among Indian Populations (2007). Ed. by I.J.S. Bansal and Amitabha Basu. Rs. 260.00 $.20.00; ISBN-81-903866-4-6

6. Methodological Questions in Social Anthropology (2007). Ed. by Sanjay Roy and Ajit K. Danda. Rs. 500.00 $.30.00; ISBN-81-903866-5-6

7. Levels of Human Existence: Issues and Challenges (2008). Ed. by Abhijit Guha. Rs. 500.00 $.30.00; ISBN-81-903866-6-2

8. Essays on Cultural Anthropology (2009). Ed. by Ajit K. Danda, R. K. Mutatkar, and Dipak K. Midya. Rs. 600.00 $.50.00; ISBN-81-903866-7-0

9. From Animality to Humanity : Anthropological Perspectives (2009). By N. Subba Reddy. Rs. 100.00 $.5.00

10. Studies on Bio-Medical Anthropology (2010). Ed. by R. K. Mutatkar, Ajit K. Danda and Vikas Bhatt. Rs. 1,500.00; ISBN-978-81-7305-372-6

11. Anthropology in India : Current Epistemology and Future challenges (2010). Ed. by Ajit K. Danda and Dipali G. Danda. Rs. 1,000.00 $.100.00; ISBN-81-903866-9-7

12. Museums in India : From Colonial Constructs to Post-Colonial Engagements (2010). By Kishor K. Basa. Rs. 100.00 $. 5.00

13. On Medical Anthropology : India (2010). Ed. by Ajit K. Danda and Indu Talwar. Rs. 1,500.00 $.150.00; ISBN-81-903866-7-0

14. Environmental Issues and Other Essays (2010). Ed. by Ajit K. Danda and Indu Talwar. Rs. 1,500.00 $.150.00 ; ISBN-81-903866-8-9

15. Genetic Determinants of Health : The Case of Foeto-maternal Blood Group Incompatibility Effects in India (2011). By V. Bhalla. Rs. 100.00 $ 5.00

16. State, Development, and Communities (2011). Ed. By Ajit Danda & Dipali G. Danda. Rs. 1,500.00 $.50.00; ISBN-81-903866-1-1

17. Tribe, State, and Empowerment : The Indian Experience (2011) Ed. P. K. Misra, H. K. Bhat, and Dipali G. Danda.Rs. 1,250.00 $.45.00; ISBN-81-903866—2-X

18. Issues on Social Transformation, Ethnicity and Identity Assertion Movements in North-East India : An Anthropological Overview (2012). By Annada Charan Bhagabati. Rs. 100.00 $.5.00; ISBN-81-3866-3-8

19. Many Faces of Development (2012). Ed. By Rajat Kanti Das and Dipak Kumar Midya. Rs. 1,250.00 $.45.00; ISBN-81-903688-4-6

20. Anthropological Impact Assessment of Development Initiatives (2012). Ed. Ajit K. Danda, Kishor K. Basa, and Kamal K. Misra. Rs. 1,500.00 $.50.00; ISBN-81-903866-5-4

21. Maoism in India : Ideology and Ground Reality (2012). Ed. Abhijit Guha. Rs. 500.00 $.30.00; ISBN-81-903866-6-2

22. Anthropology Today and Tomorrow (2012). By Yogesh Atal. Rs.100.00 $50.00; ISBN-81-903866-7-0

23. Contested Identities in The Globalized World (2013). Ed. Ajit K. Danda, Nadeem Hasnain, Dapali G. Danda. Rs. 2,000.00 $.60.00; ISBN-81-903866-8-9

24. Origin and Dispersal of Hominines in South Asia: An Archaeological Perspective (2013). By D. K. Bhattacharya. Rs. 100.00 $.5.00; ISBN-978-93-83088-00-3

25. Studies on Biological Anthropology : Biocultural Dimensions (2013). Ed. I. J.S. Bansal, S.M.S. Chahal, Barun Mukhopadhyay. Rs.1,500.00 $.50.00; ISBN-81-903866-9-7

26. Development Anthropology Defining Values and Methodologies to Facilitate Creation of a Better World (2013). By S. Parasuraman. Rs.100.00 $.5.00; ISBN-978-93-83088-01-0

27. Indigenous Knowledge: An Epistemological Exploration (2013).By Satarupa Dutta Majumder. Rs. 2000.00 $.60.00; ISBN-978-93-83088-02-7 28. Anthropology and the Future of Humankind (2014). Ed. by Ajit K. Danda, S. Gregory, Dipali G. Danda. Rs. 2,000.00.

29. Traditions, Transformations, Transactions : The Making and Remaking of Modern Hinduism (2014). By T. N. Madan. Rs. 100.00.

30. Mapping Complex Traits in the Adriatic Islands : Anthropology Laid the Foundation (2014). By Ranjan Deka. Rs. 100.00.

31. Unrest, Insurgency, and Beyond (2015). Ed. Ajit K. Danda, Sarthak sengupta, Dipali G. Danda Rs. 2000.00

32. Anthropological Paradigm for Policy Formulation : Reflections of a Practicing Anthropologist(2015). By R. K. Mutatkar Rs. 100.00

33. Surajit Sinha and His Contributions in Understanding Tribal Society in the Larger Context of Indian Civilization (2015). By P. K. Misra Rs. 100.00

34. Amar Bhuban (in Bengali) (2016). By Prahlad Bhakta Rs. 600.00

35.Society, State, and Governance (2016). Ed. By Ajit K. Danda, Kishor K. Basa, Dipali G. Danda, Sabita Acharya Rs. 2,000.00

36. On Sustainable Development : Praxis and Perspectives (2016). Ed. By G. Gregory, Dipali G. Danda Rs. 1,500.00

The Indian National Confederation and Academy of Anthropologists (INCAA) allow 40 per cent discount on all book purchases. For Life Members of INCAA, the rate of discount is 50 per cent.

Besides books, the Indian National Confederation and Academy of Anthropologists (INCAA) brings out a journal, The Indian Journal of Anthropology, two times a year. Price (Annual); Rs. 1250.00 for individual subscribers from India and U.S. $ 100.00 for those from abroad. Institutional subscription rate is Rs. 1500.00 for India and U.S. $ 300.00 for all other countries.

Resolution to bring out a journal (16/11/2012)

Editorial Advisory Board of The Indian Journal of Anthropology

INCAA Journal

INCAA Reference Manual