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Introducing INCAA

Indian National Confederation and Academy of Anthropologists (INCAA) emerged as the apex organization of the profession in March 2004. It is registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act XXVI of 1961 (registration number S/1L/20556 of 2003-2004, dated March 12, 2004) , with its registered office at 225, Kadam Kanon, Jhargram 721507, India. It has 212 Founder Members, 100 Life Members, and 8 Institutional Members representing 24 States/Union Territories of the country. INCAA's primary role is to promote the cause of Anthropology and Anthropologists, particularly of those having association with India.

Registered Office of INCAA:

Indian National Confederation and Academy of Anthropologists (INCAA)
225, Kadam Kanon, P.O.Jhargram, Dist. West Medinipore 721507, West Bengal, INDIA
Phone: (03221) 255732

Calcutta Contact:

Indian National Confederation and Academy of Anthropologists (INCAA)
Poddar Park, Block-4, Flat F-3, Calcutta 700045
Phone: 933-978-1736

Memorandum of Association of the Indian National Confederation and Academy of Anthropologists (INCAA):

Please see our Memorandum.

Governing Council of INCAA

The Governing Council of INCAA has the following office bearers and members (addresses):

1. Prof. R. K. Mutatkar (Pune) : Chairman
2. Prof. A. C. Bhagabati (Guwahati) : Vice-Chairman
3. Prof. P. K. Misra (Mysore) : Vice-Chairman
4. Prof. I. J. S. Bansal (Patiala) : Vice-Chairman
5. Prof. Kamal K. Misra (Bhopal) : Vice-Chairman
6. Prof Ajit K. Danda (Jhargram) : Member-Secretary
7. Dr. Arabinda Basu (Kolkata) : Treasurer
8. Dr. S. B. Chakrabarti (Kolkata) : Jt. Secretary
9. Prof. Barun Mukhopadhyay (Kolkata) : Jt. Secretary
10. Prof. Kishor K. Basa (Bhubaneswar) : Member
11. Prof. H. Krishna Bhat (Mysore) : Member
12. Prof. Subhadra Mitra Channa (Delhi) : Member
13. Prof. R. K. Pathak (Chandigarh) : Member
14. Prof. K. Saratchandra Singh (Imphal) : Member
15. Prof. Rajan Gaur (Chandigarh) : Member
16. Prof. Sanjay Roy (Darjeeling) : Member
17. Prof. Indu Talwar (Chandigarh) : Member
18. Prof. Rajat Kanti Das (Barrackpore) : Member
19. Dr. Dipali Danda (Jhargram) : Member
20. Dr. S. Gragory (Palayad) : Member
21. Dr. Jayanta Sarkar (Sodepore) : Member

The Director of the Anthropological Survey of India, Calcutta, and the Director of the National Museum of Mankind, Bhopal, will be the permanent invitees to the Governing Council meetings.

Regional Secretaries

INCAA has 25 Regional Secretaries nominated from all over the country. The following is the list of Regional Secretaries.

Prof. I.J.S.Bansal; Patiala
Prof. K.H.Bhatt; Mysore
Prof. B.R.K.Shukla; Lucknow
Dr. Satya B. Chakrabarti; Port Blair
Prof. Dipak Tyagi; Calcutta
Prof. Subhadra Channa; Delhi
Dr. Swaran Singh; Calcutta
Prof. Bapukan Choudhury; Guwahati
Prof. H.C. Srivastava; Mumbai
Prof. Nitul Gogoi; Dibrugarh
Prof C.G. Hussain Khan; Dharwar
Dr. R.C. Swaranker; Jaipur
Prof. Shalina Mehta; Chandigarh
Prof. B.C. Agrawal; Ahmedabad
Prof. K.K. Basa; Bhopal
Prof. P. Venkata Rao; Hyderabad
Dr. Abhijit Guha; Medinipur
Prof. Ranjana Ray; Calcutta
Prof. T.S. Naidu; Pondicherry
Dr. Sarit K. Chaudhury; Itanagar
Dr. Jayanta Sarkar; Calcutta
Dr. Deepak K. Behera; Sambalpur
Prof. Busi Bhaskara Rao; Waltair
Prof. K. Saratchandra Singh; Manipur
Prof. M. Suranarayana; Tirupati

Affiliated Institutions of INCAA

The following bodies affiliated themselves to INCAA to collaborate with its academic endeavours:

Indian Anthropological Society, Kolkata
Anthropological Association, Mysore
Society of Indian Medical Anthropology, Karnataka
Maharashtra Association of Anthropological Sciences, Pune
Punjab Academy of Sciences, Patiala

Fee for Affiliation

Institutions seeking affiliation of INCAA are required to pay a one-time fee of Rs. 5000 and for institutions from abroad, the enrollment fee is U.S. $250.

Regional Chapters

As of 25th July, 2007, INCAA has three Regional Chapters. One each at:



INCAA received periodic support from the following institutions /organizations toward organizing Indian Anthropological Congress/Inter-Congress in Anthropology:

National Museum of Mankind
Anthropological Survey of India
Indian Council of Social Scienc Research
North-eastern Hill University
Department of Higher Education, Govt. of West Bengal
Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India

Academic Advisory Committee

Academic Advisory Committee of INCAA has the following members to officiate for a period of three years:

Prof. A.C. Bhagabati
Prof. R.K. Mutatkar
Prof. R.K. Jain
Dr. S.B. Chakrabarti

Dr. S.B. Chakrabarti (phone: 033 2418-3164) will act as the Convener of the Committee. The Committee will initiate, review and monitor all academic programmes of the INCAA and will also advise the Governing Council regarding selection of themes for the Indian Anthropological Congress and Inter-Congress in Anthropology.

Advisory Committee on Primitive Tribes

The Advisory Committee on Primitive Tribes of INCAA will have the following members:

Prof. Asim Adhikary
Prof. T.B. Subba
Dr. Ramesh Chandra
Dr. J.K. Sarkar

Dr. J.K. Sarkar (033 2565-7911) will act as the Convener of the Committee. The Committee will monitor the impact of various development programmes on the Primitive Tribes as identified by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India and through the Governing Council of INCAA will communicate its recommendations to the concern governments. The Committee will function for a period of three years.


INCAA has a programme for conferring honorary recognitions to scholars in view of their outstanding academic contributions. Names of elected awardees will appear on this site in due course.

Pune Declaration

Please see our "Vision for Indian Anthropology and Role of INCAA" Pune Declaration adopted at the 2nd INCAA Congress on February 23rd, 2007.